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Helpful Hints - what to check before you call

Before call for service, check these items first. They may seem trivial but I have been called to homes and these problems have been found. We always welcome calls from customers seeking advise on what to check first and we do our best to walk you through a check list before we schedule a service appointment.


Is it leaking water?
Check to see if it coming from freezer or fresh food storage.

Not cooling?
Did the turn off knob get turned down too far or off completely.

Is it running?
Check if it got unplugged accidentally.
Check the circuit breaker

Electric Ranges

Is the light working only?
1. Check circuit breaker. Turn off then on again.

Gas Ranges

Smell of gas when not in use?
1. Turn off gas and call immediately or call your gas company

2. If there is a strong gas odor, remember always follow the usual gas emergency procedures leave your home and call 911. Your safety is very important.

Oven not working but top burners are working?
1. Check standing pilot light if range has one or possible bad oven igniter, even if it glows



No power?
1. Check power outlet if plugged in and or circuit breaker.

Display light working only?
1. Call for service. For your safety Do Not Take Unit Apart



Not completing cycle, stalls or no cold water coming in machine?
1. Check for a clogged screen on the inlet valve.

Unit will not run?
1. Check circuit breaker or check if plugged in completely, sometimes the plug works itself out, just enough to break current.

Dispenser not working?
1. Check the cold water valve in machine to see if the screen is clogged. Take off hose and check the screen. Remove sand.

Electric Dryer

Dryer not heating?
1. Check plug, if OK check the circuit breaker. Turn breaker off then on again.

Is the drum not turning?
1. You have a broken belt. Do not turn drums backwards as in some makes this will pop off the belt. Call for service.

Gas Dryers

Dryer not heating?
1. Check to see if gas is turned on or if you may be out of gas.


We hope this has helped you, but please call us if you have any questions.
No question should go unanswered.


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